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At some point during my transition from a ‘trying-to-be’ to an ‘established’ adult, in the middle of all the meals that I skipped and the recipes I taught myself to cook, I discovered the deeply emotional relationship that we share with what we eat.

The random cravings, the food fomo, that one extra roti that stands for extra love and that little pip of chocolate that sends endorphins soaring. Our journey with food is quite the roller coaster.

I started tinkering in the kitchen, trying to make things that would soothe and nourish this bumpy emotional saga. Trying to make daily indulgence an act of self compassion, not self sabotage.

A few years and many mixing bowls later, I offer you Third Roast. Sweet stuff that’s yum in the gooshiest way, without ingredients that harm you.

Don’t let the nagging voice in your head put you down. Be kind to your cravings.

Eat your ♥️ out.


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