About me

At some point in the transition from trying-to-be to established adult, somewhere between the meals I skipped and recipes I taught myself to cook, I realized there seems to be an emotional relationship with what we eat. From the food fomo, random cravings and guilt pangs, to the extra roti that signifies extra love and that hunk of chocolate that sends endorphins soaring, it's quite a roller coaster.

I started tinkering in the kitchen to make things that would soothe and nourish this bumpy emotional saga. Where daily indulgence would not be an act of self sabotage. More like self compassion. A few years and many mixing bowls later, I’ve ended up with Third Roast, offering sweet stuff that is yum in the gooshiest way and lacks the ingredients that harm as much as the nagging voice in our heads.

It’s okay to be kind to cravings.
Eat your ♥️ out.


PS - When my hands aren’t dipped in chocolate or grinding nuts, I am happy to talk more about what we do and how we can do fun stuff together. Feel free to reach out to me through +91.87662.31544 or heya@thirdroast.com