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Diwali Gifting - 50 Unconventional Indian Homegrown Brands

...small-batch, high-quality cold brew An effort to bring back the cold brew experience that changed her life during a trip to Vietnam is what prompted the inception of Third Roast Coffee. While the bottled cold brew coffee in varying flavors are only available for delivery in New Delhi, the brand is on its way to becoming a cold brew brand of repute, owing to its focus on quality and consistency. #HGLoves the Monthly subscription offer that will deliver twelve to twenty-eight bottles straight to your home, and in whichever flavor you choose – straight-up black, vanilla or vietnameasy. Read more here

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This Homegrown Cold Brew Brand Will Change How You Get Your Daily Caffeine Fix

'Good things take time’ is an adage we have heard used for many things in life, but coffee, however, is not commonplace. But once the taste of rich, aromatic, and smooth cold brew coffee coats your mouth, it’s undoubtedly worth the wait of 12- 24 hours (of being steeped). You might like your coffee hot, and we are not here to tell you otherwise, but a delicious cold brew with less bitter notes on the right day, hits the spot just right. So, Delhi, you are in luck. Third Roast Coffee is a cold brew brand that does all the work with much ease so that you can enjoy fresh, slow-brewed cold brew coffee in the comforts of your home...

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The special cold brew credo

After the rollicking good times in New York and Vietnam, Poornima Katyal and her husband were back in Delhi trying to encapsulate the balmy memories from their travels...the wondering, snoozing, eating, drinking et al, but most importantly reminiscing the deliciousness of how the best cold brew coffee they had ever tasted, felt on their palate. 

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