Our Story

How it all began

In 2017, while I was on vacation in Hanoi (Vietnam), around the corner from my dreamy airbnb was a quaint little cafe that served the most addictive cold brew coffee. It was smooth and rich with flavour - I was having 3-4 cups a day, and was always wired! I was instantly hooked and knew I had to have this when I got back to Delhi.
Back in Delhi, I still hadn’t gotten over that rich and aromatic cold brew coffee. Many months, and even more cups of coffee later I struck gold, or should I say black gold. While experimenting with roasts and blends (check me out with all this fancy coffee talk), I chanced upon a custom blend of  light and medium roast Arabica beans. Using my trusty hario cold brew pot, I steeped the blend for nearly a day and the result was yummeh - it was rich, aromatic and smooth. People, we have lift off!
I started out by making coffee for myself, carrying it everywhere - you know, coz COFFEE! 
Soon my friends and family began to get hooked - bada bing bada boom - from serving family and friends, to serving wonderful strangers, Third Roast Coffee was born in May 2018. 

This is how we brew it.

We use 100% arabica beans, sourced from a single estate farm in Chikmagalur (Karnataka). Our custom blend combines the boldness of a medium roast with the subtlety of a light roast. 
In small batches, coffee is brewed for up to 24 hours, and it’s this steeping process that gives the coffee a bold flavour, a smooth mouthful and a refreshing caffeine kick.
The coffee is poured into 200ml glass bottles and refrigerated for at least 8-10 hours before we send them out to you. Just like the day I started making cold brew coffee for myself, each batch is still prepared personally.