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The Third Roast Experience: Indulging in Flavoured Cold Brew Coffee and Delicious Unique Fudge 

Have you ever reached out for that extra bite of chocolate and stopped for fear of extra calories or reaching your sugar quota for the day? Do you think about dieting all the time and it sucks the joy out of you? If yes, we suggest you read along.

Our delicious range of desserts and snacks is all about conscious eating and bringing joy. We are here to tell you that you should enjoy your food instead of fearing it. Whether you are eating for the love of food or yourself we recommend you indulge in Third Roast.

Indulgence In Joyful Pleasures: Third Roast Dark Chocolate Fudge

Our vegan, nut-butter-based dark chocolate fudge is the perfect dessert to unapologetically delight your sweet tooth. Made with locally sourced clean cocoa and nuts, there are no ingredients that may harm you. Don't believe us? Check out some of the highlights from our collection:

These handmade Almond Butter and Chocolate Fudge bites have been made with premium Khand (raw sugar) instead of refined white sugar. The goodness of all-natural dark chocolate, coconut flour, vanilla extracts, and almond butter is too good to be missed! 

Want the kick of a good chocolate and a Nutella mouth feel but not filled with palm oil and all the extra stuff your body doesn’t need? The perfect sugar free dessert is here to delight you. This Hazelnut Crunch Fudge from Third Roast is an excellent pick for you. These sugar free fudge bites are made with stevia and make a perfect snack for all kinds of people. Especially for diabetics.

Third Roast's Selection of Scrumptious Healthy Vegan Snacks and Spreads

We have rounded up a selection of delicious vegan and refined sugar free spreads, cookies, and granola to let you munch on your favourite snacks that you can have everyday.

Our Almond and Dark Chocolate Cookies and Biscottis will satiate your sugar cravings without leaving you with the unwanted feeling of guilt. They are vegan, refined sugar free and gluten-free.

Our Granolas are the perfect healthy and yummy breakfast cereal or evening snack as you may please. The Berry Crunch and Vanilla granola is one of our personal favourites that we cannot have enough of! Check out other options on our website. 

Replace store-bought saturated fat-dense spreads with Third Roast’s freshly vegan spreads to add flavour profile to your toasts, biscuits, cookies and even rotis. Or just lick it with a spoon. You cannot miss our Hazelnut chocolate spread if you love the taste of Nutella but not the unhealthy ingredients in it! If you are not a fan of hazelnuts,  try our Ginger, Cinnamon, and Vanilla Almond Butter. These spreads are so unbelievably good.

Visit Our Store

If you wish to experience a warm cup of cocoa or a freshly made cup of hot / iced coffee, and taste our delicious new desserts we make everyday, visit our store in Dhan Mill, Chattarpur from 10am - 8pm.

Why Choose Third Roast?

Third Roast is here to make you believe that you can have desserts every day instead of beating yourself up and feeling bad about indulging. In addition to our cold brew coffee and healthy desserts, we also have a dedicated range of diabetic sweets and keto products. Hence, no matter who you are, you can have your guilt-free, healthy snacking options at Third Roast!

Frequently Asked Questions on Guilt-free Healthy Snacks

What is Third Roast and what sets it apart from other coffee shops?

Third Roast is a joyful experience and space where you can have what you want without being hard on yourself. Our range of delicious bite-sized snacks and desserts are for everyday consumption.

What types of snacks and spreads are available at Third Roast?

At Third Roast, we have a range of vegan and gluten-free cookies, spreads, dark and milk chocolate fudge, cold brew coffee and fresh beans, and occasionally savoury snacks. 

Are the snacks and spreads at Third Roast suitable for specific dietary preferences or restrictions?

Yes. We have a special range of keto friendly, diabetic friendly desserts and snacks as well.

Can I order online from Third Roast for delivery or pickup?

Yes. You can order online for doorstep delivery or pickup from our store.