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Hazelnut Crunch Fudge

Hazelnut Crunch Fudge

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All-natural dark chocolate and creamy hazelnut butter, moulded into delicious chunks of fudge.

Hazelnut Crunch and Dark Chocolate 

What’s in it?

After much research and endless hours of experimenting with different ingredients, I finally settled on:

all-natural dark chocolate grown in the highly bio diverse regions of the Deccan plateau, handmade hazelnut butter, khand (raw) sugar, vanilla extract, hazelnut nibs and sea salt because have you noticed how vanilla brings out the chocolate.

Allergen Alert: Contains hazelnut nibs and nut butter 

Calorie Count: 60 calories per serving of 15 grams (good to know and good enough to eat everyday)

Serving Size: 10 chunks of sheer yum in each box. 

Storage: Keep in the fridge and consume within 30 days because there are no preservatives 

Why should you have it? 

o It's damn delicious!
o It's Gluten Free
o There are no preservatives
o It's 100% plant-based

Service Areas I Delhi-NCR

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