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Almond & Dark Chocolate Cookie Sticks

Almond & Dark Chocolate Cookie Sticks

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Sweetened with farm fresh jaggery and gluten free almond flour, mixed with delicious chunks of dark chocolate, these cookies are deliciously crunchy and a perfect afternoon snack. Dip it in butter for extra yumminess.

What’s in it?

After much research and endless hours of experimenting with different ingredients, I finally settled on:

all-organic dark chocolate grown in the highly bio diverse regions of the Deccan plateau, almond flour, coconut oil, himalayan pink salt, vanilla extract and sweetened with jaggery.

Allergen Alert: Contains almonds 

Calorie Count (15g): Total Cal: 36K, Carbs: 1.5g (of which sugars 1g), Protein: 1.1g, Fats: 3.5g (good to know and good enough to eat everyday)

Serve Size: 7g per cookie

Pack Size: 8 cookie sticks in each box. 

Storage: Keep at room temperature or in the fridge and consume within 15 days because there are no preservatives 

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