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Cold Brew Coffee Trial Pack

Cold Brew Coffee Trial Pack

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100% Arabica Coffee


Brewed in small batches, up to 24 hours, our cold brew coffee is full-bodied with a smooth finish. Our brewing process reduces acidity while enhancing the caffeine kick, leaving you instantly refreshed.

Straight Up Black Cold Brew is a no-fuss black coffee. It is intense, rich, and smooth with a chocolate finish that leaves you feeling invincible.

What's in it?
100% arabica coffee, water

Our So Vanilla Cold Brew is our specialty black coffee infused with high-quality vanilla extract. Twist the bottle cap open and a sweet aroma hits your nose a moment before settling on your palate like a summer siesta. 

What's in it?
100% arabica coffee, water, vanilla extract

It's not subtle and it doesn't titillate your taste buds, it overwhelms your palate! Third Roast Vietnameasy is a silken, dreamy melange of our specialty coffee and thick condensed milk.

What's in it?
100% arabica coffee, water, condensed milk

How is it different?

o Steeped over 20 hours
o Bold, Rich and Smooth
o Made in small batches

Single Serve Size I 200 ml

Consume within I 15 days

Storage instructions I Store in the refrigerator

Service Areas I Delhi-NCR

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